Citizen Developers Are Changing the Face of Business Software


“So-called citizen developers are making an impact on enterprise software development by building their own apps without the help of IT.

An emerging class of “citizen developers” equipped with tools and capabilities unique to this era is changing the landscape of business software by building and using their own homegrown apps as opposed to apps developed by IT departments or off-the-shelf solutions. – See more at:”

Attributes of Successful Collaborations

Collaboration itself is not the objective but rather identifying and developing innovative approaches and solutions to shared problems and opportunities. Collaboration is a tool to be mastered. What are needed are practical guidance, concrete tools, and a structured process to operationalize strategic collaborations. Check out our observations of attributes of successful, sustained collaborations:

MOOCs: Opportunities, Impacts, and Challenges Massive Open Online Courses in Colleges and Universities


2012, according to the media, was The Year of the MOOC. Massive Open Online Courses were declared to be a revolution in college education. The flow of media coverage hyped MOOCs as either the salvation of a beleaguered educational system or the corrosive agent that would dilute it beyond recognition and value.At the same time, venture funding poured into the coffers of education technology companies intent on cashing in on the newly disrupted higher education market. That investment is reshaping the development of learning and content delivery platforms being marketed to your campus, your faculty, and your students. And rapidly forming partnerships between for-profit firms and universities are providing technology vendors with a powerful vehicle for selling to higher education and inserting themselves into the dialogue about the future of educational content and delivery.But college and university administrators do not have to sit passively by, waiting for the MOOC wave to wash over them. There are still seats at the table for those intent on guiding higher education into the future. Campus leaders would do well to shoulder their way in now, rather than wait for an invitation to help shape that future.

MOOCs: Opportunities, Impacts, and Challenges, being a survey of the issues and opportunities associated with Massive Open Online Courses, is an invaluable guide to those responsible for their institution’s mission. Armed with the information in this book, you will be able to sort out the substance from the hype in the roiling MOOC debate, and effectively fold the future into the strategic mission of your campus.

The chapters to this book will be live on this blog again in April, 2014. The book is available in Kindle and print formats from Amazon. It is currently part of the Amazon KDP Select program and, as a result, it is not permitted to be published in any digital format, anywhere for the 90 day duration of the program. Once that time is up, I will make the chapters available here once again. Given that MOOCs are such a moving target, I will also be updating the content here, and in the Amazon Kindle version. Thanks for your patience!

~ Michael Nanfito

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Education and Technology/Oil & Water – and HOPE!

Cynthia Clark

As a doctoral student who specializes in educational technology and science education, meaning I work with a lot of preservice teachers and as a result inservice teachers, I have witnessed how the established education community mixes with technology. And that would be about as well as oil mixes with water. It can be done, but it takes a LOT of effort. However, this knowledge did not prepare me for what I have experienced at my own campus.

This academic year included an office move for me, to a space where I could productively pursue my classwork and research interests. Meaning I am on campus for a more extended time than in the past. I am a social person so this has been a pleasant change as I now have the opportunity to interact with faculty and my fellow grad assistants on a more consistent basis. But this proximity has also…

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MOOCs amplify existing issues


Get the complete book Thinking Strategically about MOOCs: The Role of Massive Open Online Courses in the College and University at Amazon in print or kindle version. Practically speaking, MOOCs are a platform of bundled technologies. If you sign with Coursera, Udacity, … Continue reading

The Rise of the Machines: Big data, learning analytics, and adaptive learning


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Get the complete book Thinking Strategically about MOOCs: The Role of Massive Open Online Courses in the College and University at Amazon in print or kindle version. This chapter is broken into three sections that explore three closely related topics that are … Continue reading