I am using this space to work out ideas about the challenges and opportunities facing education today. 

~ Michael Nanfito

Tenacity. Sometimes you really have to keep after it. Online learning continues to generate optimism and controversy. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are the latest in a decades-long exploration of online learning. I try to lay out some of my thoughts on the impact and strategic opportunities of MOOCs here.

Audacity. Still marvel at this acquisition (!)

Humility. One can learn a great deal by attempting new project seemingly beyond our knowledge or skill level. Materials. Tools. Processes. Learning by experience how materials behave under specific conditions. Learning how to manipulate materials using tools and developing processes to achieve  objectives all pay off. You might even end up with something that looks a lot like a boat, that moves through the media of wind and water in just the manner that the design specified. Moving from a spare skeleton of frames and potential through a development process and on to a successful launch. Gaining an understanding of the relationships between materials, tools, and processes applies to so many areas of endeavor and there are so many exercises open to us to gain such insights. But it takes a bit of humility to acknowledge that we have something to learn, that we don’t yet know it all.


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  1. I find your draft article The Demographics of MOOCs especially thoughtful. I am a senior reporter for Education Update (www.EducationUpdate.com), writing a series on MOOCs, and would like to quote + cite your article, including your recommendations at the end for an assessment plan.May I have your permission and how should the citation go?

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